Computer Arts & Development

We are an IT studio born in the cradle of art and Italian history, a cultural heritage transformed into a matrix to generate unique digital creations, trying to convert technical expression into an artistic form. as of the best artisanal tradition in this country we strive to give birth to projects that are a meeting point of several skills.

Each creative process comes from the collective imagination of the people involved in the Elkinvent team, the organization of skills, means and personalities allows us to manage the challenge of evolving clear idea to tangible realties that existed, until that moment, only in the mind of the person who conceived them, taking into account, at every stage from the planning stage to the development phase, the balance between creativity and efficiency.

Computer Graphics

Imagination and million calcs per second give shape to idea, be them architectures, commercials, scientifical simulations, industrial or food design still lifes and all sort of concept arts. Thanks to our distinctive style we create illustrations and animations, photorealstic and not, texturing, 3D rendering and 2D graphic design. We offer quality and speed of execution without asking you for a Hollywood colossal-level budget.

Web Development

Keeping up with constant evolution of the web, an ever-expanding digital universe, it's a mandatory requirement for development. Hence we develop from the ground up your ideas and requests, creating responsive UI/UX design with a mobile-first approach, dedicated architectures, we develop ad-hoc solutions for websites, e-commerces and more complex applications, capable to compete in the vast digital landscape both on desktop and smartphone/tablets (webapp).

Industrial Design

We take the challenge of materical evolution of your products, from the graphite line on the sketchbook to its planning through CAD software, digital prototypation and 3D printing. We manage its whole creative workflow suggesting original commercial and communicative presentations of the product, thanks to graphic design, photographic still life or with computer graphics illustrations, demos, demonstration videos and materials for several online and offline supports.

Corporate Identity

In a metaphorical sense light defines shape and sensation transmitted by an element to the watcher highlighting its main and distinctive traits, through a deep research, we find the right approach and color range. The study of past and current style trends guides our pencils into delivering illustrations matching pre-existing models, brands, logos and brand design. we guide the thin thread separating visibility and success for a correct communication of your company and products.

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